Werewolf story (No name yet)

CHAPTER 1: I woke up and saw a big grey wolf and the foot of my bed, I backed up a little against my pillow then it pounced on me. I woke up for real this time, no wolf near my bed. I’ve really been hearing a dog or something Howling and I’ve been hearing weird noises. I think it has to do with my weird dreams. I glanced over at the clock. 5:30 am. Dang I’m not going to be able to go back to bed. I got up and decided to go for a short walk. I opened the back door and a big wolf jumped on me.

CHAPTER 2: I was letting my imagination go far off with me it wasn’t a wolf it was my dog. “Rex you scared me to death!” The dog licked me. I put him on a leash and walked on the sidewalk for a while then I stopped at my friend’s house. And I knocked on her door. she came out in a yellow sweater and blue jeans. She always wakes up early. “Hey john, how are you?” She asked. “I’m fine I guess wanna go to the lake?” “Sure” She got on her bike and said ‘I’ll beat ya there!” And petaled away. “Kate! That’s not fair!” I got there 34 seconds after she did. “Beat ya!” She said. I grumbled and tied up rex to a tree.

CHAPTER 3: “RIIIIIIINNNNNGGGGG” It was monday the next day at school and the lunch bell just came on. I hoped out of my chair towards the cafeteria and I bumped into Kate. “Where are you going to fast?” I asked. “Unnhhh…..” I looked at her arm. ” Hunh? Did you always have hair on your arm?” I asked. “Unh gotta go bye!” She ran out of the school exit. “Hunh that was weird” I opened the door to the Cafeteria. I saw one of my friends eating a big plate of chicken. “I thought you didn’t like chicken..” “Only meat they had” Mike said. “Unh ok..”

CHAPTER 4: The rest of the school day seemed to happen in a flash. I failed a math test. I did some drawings of people I saw in my art class. And nobody talked to me for the rest of the day. I was walking home then Kate jumped on me. “Hey what’s the big idea!?” I yelled. “Sorry…I just felt I needed to do that.” She replied.

CHAPTER 5: “HOOOOWWLLLL” I woke up at the sound of the creature howling again. “This has been going on all week. That’s it, I’m going to see what it is right now! I pulled some pants on and a sweater and ran down the stairs towards to front door. I opened it. Nothing out there. I was about to walk back in when i saw two eyes looking up at me.

CHAPTER 6: I stood there frozen. Then I saw the face. “Kate what are you doing out here!?” I yelled. “Oh, I’ve been trying to find out where that Howling is coming from.” She replied. “Me too. Lets look together to find it.” i walked around towards the trees and glanced up at the full moon. It looked pretty. i heard some rustling in the bushes and walked over to it. Then a big wolf jumped on me. “KATE HELP!” I looked up at the eyes of the big wolf and saw that it was Kate’s eyes.

CHAPTER 7: “Kate get off of me!!” I yelled. She looked ready to bite me when i got out of her grip and ran in the house and quickly locked the door. “She’s a werewolf I thought and mike probably is too. I looked all over me had she bitten me? No she hadn’t. I sat up and looked out the window. She was still there along with two other werewolfs.

CHAPTER 8: I woke up around 6 in the morning I peered out the window. Nothing there. Should I go out? Before I could answer my question I found myself opening the door and running to Kate’s house. I knocked on the door. And rang the doorbell at the same time. Kate opened the door looking confused. “Hi, john what’s up?” She asked. I whispered in her ear “Why were you out on my lawn last night with two other Werewolfs?!” “Hunh..?” She replied. “last night, you were on my lawn and tried to bite me!” I said. She still looked confused. Then her expression turned to scared. “Did I hurt you..?” She asked. “No, but I would like to know why you keep howling next to my house!” “Sorry, I can’t control myself then.

CHAPTER 9: “Well?” I said. “Well what?” She said. “How did it happen?” I asked impatiently. “Unh, How did what happen?” “HOW DID YOU BECOME A-” She put a hand over my mouth. “I don’t want everyone to know. I’ll tell you about it in the tree house. I climbed up the wooden latter to the tree house. Kate followed me. She closed the small curtains and spoke in a hushed voice. And said: ” Three days ago I was doing a camp-out with my uncle. I woke up in the middle of the night because I heard something howling, I tried to go back to bed but every time I layed my head down again the howling came back. I finally gave up and went outside to see what is was and to stop it. I searched all around the woods for it but I couldn’t find it. I then realized, I was lost. When I tried to look for the camp I tripped got up. I saw a big grey wolf looking up at me. I tried to run but it jumped on me and bit me in the hand.I don’t remember much after that. I went running threw the woods, and the next morning I woke up in my tent. I thought it was a dreams then I looked at my hand and saw it wasn’t. I didn’t want anyone to know. Not even my friend because they’d think I’m a freak. And my own parents would lock me in a cage. I attacked some people in the school they were’nt hurt but they are a werewolf too now.”

CHAPTER 10: I didn’t talk I was busy thinking about Kate’s story. I looked up out of the window and saw the full moon rising. “I think I should leave before you-” “Oh, it’s OK. Say John would you like to join a cool club?” She asked. “Unh, what do I get to do?” I asked. “All sorts of cools thing you get free soda, comic-books, and you get stuff that only being a member you can get.” She replied. “OK I’ll join I guess what do I have to do?” I asked. “Not much just hold still and let me bite you!”
CHAPTER 11: “Unh it’s OK, I don’t think i wanna be in anymore….” I said. “Too bad. You don’t have a choice.” She replied coldly. “What!?” I looked at her she was growing fur on her arms and legs. “I really gotta go..” I said. “Just hold still” She said grinning.

CHAPTER 12: It wasn’t so bad. And we get a new club member every week. And there’s all sorts of cool thing I can do in the club now. Say would you like to join out club anyways? We’ve got Cookies, coke, a big flatscreen tv, lots of junk food, and all sorts of stuff. It’s fun really!


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  • 1. Cool Daddy-O B.  |  April 10, 2010 at 9:11 am

    Cool story with a Neat “Twist” ending! I enjoyed it very much. Keep up the good work!

  • 3. Clean Panda  |  June 8, 2010 at 6:56 pm

    I am one to ya know


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